About us


Oceanfit has invested heavily in researching sustainable local ingredients to formulate products that tackle specific health issues, including anti-inflammation, canceration, anti-ageing, immunity system, diabetes, anti-oxidation, and longevity. This has been achieved by partnering with New Zealand scientists and research institutions to develop research projects to develop health supplements and enhance ingredients with future potential.


Our Research and Development :

Oceanfit is supported by Beyond Capital Limited Partnership (BCLP) and is committed to Research & Development in the key areas of natural health supplements, and to achieve this has signed a long term strategic cooperation agreement with some of New Zealand top universities: Universities of Auckland, Canterbury and Otago. Victoria University, Auckland University of Technology, Massey University and some of New Zealand's top Crown Research Institutes (CSIs), including Plant & Food Research.


Oceanfit™ is working closely with senior researchers and research teams from New Zealand universities and CRIs to commercialize research outputs in partnership with local New Zealand health and supplement industry in response to market demand.


Our Vision:

Oceanfit is passionate about identifying, sourcing and researching high quality natural ingredients from within New Zealand, combining this with the latest technology in the creation of high-value, innovative nutritional supplements.

Oceanfit is committed to long-term scientific research & development, exploring the opportunities through cutting-edge scientific research and in doing this, directly connecting scientists to consumers. In addition, Oceanfit™ is committed to sharing health and well-being discoveries with consumers.


Our License:

Oceanfit is New Zealand Silver Fern certified brand. The FernMark Licence Programme helps promote and protect New Zealand products and services on a global scale. The Programme gives Licensees the right to carry the FernMark, a trademark that is used by the New Zealand government departments across the world (https://www.fernmark.nzstory.govt.nz/brands/100317)

What is the Fernmark?

This trademark symbol is the international symbol of New Zealand and represents a mark of trust to consumers around the globe.

Any product carrying this symbol has been issued a licence by the New Zealand government and demonstrates that the New Zealand business has met the eligibility criteria set by the FernMark Licence Programme.


A Business with Fernmark must:

Be a registered business within New Zealand

Be compliant with all NZ laws and relevant regulations

Be of good character and repute

Have a substantial level of New Zealand ownership governance and full time employees

Have been exporting for at least 12 months

Demonstrate that each licensed product is either made, grown or designed in New Zealand.